They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. We have seen books and manuscripts change the way people think and shift the paradigms of the world from one side to another.

However, it is also true that picture is worth a thousand words. Can you imagine what a good picture is worth?

At GOHHA, we are all about good photography and good design. When we say, “good picture”, we don’t only mean one that follows and improves upon the basic design and photography principles. It is something more than that.

Like any form of art form in the world, be it books, movies, songs, and even pictures, there is one quality that rises to the top like cream in a coffee cup. This quality distinguishes these works as the best ones that resonate the most with people.

This quality is truth. Truth is when a photo depicts something real in the world. Truth is also when a photo is composed and designed so well that it rustles up emotions from a person, making them feel something and if possible, moves them to action.

Imagine how good that photo would be if the correct photography and design principles were there as well?

With cameras available to everyone with a smartphone, we at GOHHA are committed to improving everybody’s camera usage by writing about photography and design principles.