Tradition of Malaysia

Awesome Experiences Of Malaysia Travel

Malaysia is a beautiful south east asian country surrounded by lush green. The country has rich traditional prosperity and it welcomes the visitors with a traditional statement “Selmat Datang” which itself make the visitors happy. Along with rich culture and traditions, the country also accompanies lush green forests, delicious dishes and celebration of ancient as well as modern festivals. The list of festival includes many Malay, Chinese and Indian festivals like Diwali, Chinese new year, Ramadan, harvest festival etc.

Tradition of MalaysiaMalaysia renders different travel experience to the tourists, and they can view Malaysia as two regions like peninsular Malaysia which shares the border of neighbouring countries such as Thailand and singapore. The east Malaysian region is separated from the mainland by south china sea and it has a beautiful destinations like Sarawak and Sabah. These two destinations encounters tropical green forests with plethora of plant and animal species. If possible, visit Mt. Kinabalu, which has been recognized as the highest peak of south east Asia.

Peninsular Malaysia is the place which most of the visitors prefer to go because of the diverse culture, diverse religion people and accomplishment of numerous activities. The country allows the visitor to explore the modern as well as historical features of the city and kualalumpur is the best choice for exploring these features. People of Malaysia are kind, hardworking and they also involve in activities like Malaysia betting during their free time.

Malaysia is a perfect mixture of all kind of destinations. For the people who love beaches, Langkawi and Penang islands are good choices. If the visitor is interested in bird watching, water sport or adventurous activities, it is available near the beaches of the island. If the visitor is searching for peaceful places, Sarawak and Sabah are best as it is a place with green forests and national parks. Visiting these places, gives a kind of relaxation to the body and soul.

To explore the traditional Malay life, traveler can head towards Kelantan province located in eastern coastal region of Malaysia. Usually the climate in Malaysia is a mixture of hot and humid and if the tourists want to experience the cooler climate in Malaysia, they have a choice of highlands such as Genting highland and Cameron highland. So, the country will never dissatisfy any of the visitor because it has plenty of options to explore.

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