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Concept Of Lottery Pooling In Singapore

Online Lottery games like Singapore lottery toto can be played alone or with a group. Lottery pooling happens in a group of friends or colleagues. Usually in this method, the cost of the ticket will be paid by every individual through equal sharing. One person buys the ticket and the copy of the ticket will be given to all the remaining participants. Because it avoids certain confusions with the draw results. Each person will select one number among 6 digits in toto and if the winning number matches the selected number, the prize amount should be equally shared among the group.

Singapore pools Toto gamesLottery pooling increases the possibilities of winning as in a group we can buy multiple tickets. In a group, an agreement will be made among the participants with certain factors like,

  • winning amount should be equally shared among all the participants.
  • If some participant has not paid the money within the given date is not eligible for the winning amount.
  • Even if the participant pays money after the deadline, he is not a part of winning outcome.

It is good if we set the rules, so that clarity will be there among the participants. So, that they can understand the expectations and the responsibilities.

There should be a leader to monitor all these activities like collecting the money, noting the selected numbers by the group and to divide the prize money according to the rules in case of winning. The ticket should be purchased before the given deadline (in few cases it will be an hour before the draw results). Because, sometimes people may say, I have shared the money for buying the tickets, but I haven’t received my part of money. In order to deal all such issues, spokesperson should lead the group and he should be very responsible.

In lottery pool, we can win at least some amount (some cases it might be less and sometimes it will be a nice bonus), but winning the prize is a kind of fun and it is possible in group playing. The process should go smooth and employee should be able to understand the game rules, because lottery shouldn’t become the reason for friction among the co-workers. We spend all the week with them in official work and now it is a time to share happiness by winning the money using lottery pool.