Few Attractions In Sentosa Island Of Singapore

Singapore is a small island of south-east Asia, and it is one of the famous tourist destination of Asian continent. Many people from different countries visit the place for rejuvenation, to get rid from the busy life of work environment. It is one of the most desired family destination in Asia. Even though the country is small, it attracts millions of visitors to the place because of its plethora of natural attractions.

One of the major attraction of Singapore is the visit to Sentosa island. The place is very near to Singapore city and it is just a 15 minutes’ drive. The city connects to the island through a bridge called causeway and the transportation facilities such as MRT’s are available from Singapore to harbor center of Sentosa. From the harbor, traveler can reach the island via cable cars to enjoy the scenic view of the island.

Sentosa is known for theme parks and it has over 20 attractions and for many travelers it is a perfect place for day out with family. Some of the places to visit in Sentosa island are,

Wax Museum– It is a place where the history of Singapore can be seen through the display of wax figures and also experience the spirit of Singapore boat ride.

Sky Tower– It is located at the tip of hill and it takes you to the height of 130 meters above sea level. The complete view of the island as well as Singapore can be viewed from the tower.

Visit Singapore Smith FreehillsMerlion– It is a symbol of Singaporeans (half lion and half fish structure), it is of height of about 35 meters and visitor can take the elevator till the mouth of Merlion and enjoy the beauty of the island and the ports of Singapore.

Underwater world– It is tunnel inside the sea, and it is of 83 meters long. The visitors are taken through the travellator, where the marine species like shark, stingrays and other species of fishes can be seen.

Dolphin Lagoon– Here the visitors can enjoy the show of dolphins exhibiting their natural abilities. Visitors can also enjoy the diving experiences with pink dolphins.

There are many more attractions and it also has a resort where they provide the entertaining activities such as musical night, dance shows and games like https://vbet77.net/online-casino. So, it is a country with all kind of attractions which suits the need of every visitor.

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