Graphic Design Resources

In graphic design, it is not enough to just know how to use the tool. It is not enough to know the principles and apply them. The fact is that designers will often need resources from other websites that will help build and supplement their own works.

These usually consist of sites that have stock graphics, photography, fonts, and other helpful resources.

Here are three great websites that will help provide graphic designers with the resources that they will need.

This first resource is a particularly important one. is an online resource that allows for designers to access information regarding the biggest companies and brands in the world. Here, designers will be able to access their icons, color designs, and logos.

Doing this without this website is particularly difficult with any help. Procuring logos from the big companies (at least hi-res ones) are often a cumbersome endeavor without the help of someone in these companies.

Apart from that, designers will get an idea as to what their brand guidelines look like.

Designer Mill

Designer Mill is a website that gives designers access to icons, mockups, templates, and UI kits. This will definitely help designers develop anything from websites to presentations and more.

The good thing about Designer Mill is that it is constantly growing. Designers are free to upload their own works as well.

Little Visuals

Little Visuals is a different type of website. In it, you can sign up an email address. Then, once a week you’ll receive seven high quality images that you can use for whatever you want. Images include cityscapes, landscapes, and the like.

These are only a few free resources that designers can find and utilize. The kicker? All of these resources are free for designers!